A passionate tattoo art project to celebrate and unite through a truly memorable experience. Inviting more people to participate.

Vienna, New York, Berlin, Buenos Aires, Barcelona, Paris, Los Angeles and more!

This is not a deposit, this is the full price of your session. Book at now at discount.

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Every person met is a bridge constructed and every act of kindness begets another.

Each session is beautifully documented with pictures and videos. I want to curate a book, a short film, and an immersive exhibit featuring the whole experience.
Our goal is to donate the proceeds to institutions helping the poor and children in each destination.

A Book, Short Film, and Exhibit

Will be released next year and feature an inspiring collection of pictures, personal stories, and interviews with interesting views on our similarity and differences.

A reference to inspire


There are many talented artists out there. Some I admire for aspects of their work, personality, or creativity. BB's not only does beautiful art, but it also inspires me to pursue a different path. "A life of a rose" is a huge source of inspiration for what we will be creating together.

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A small sample of ideas

We will be working around some of my favorite tattoo subjects, nature, space, botanical, and so on. Every element will be based on your suggestions and references but I begin to work on some ideas to help you decide. You can see what designs you are likely to enjoy by taking part at the Your Next Tattoo quiz to find out.

Your Next Tattoo

What's happening after
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Step 2

Jan, participate in the design process, send your references. Give your feedback and suggestions.


Step 3

Jan and Feb, review your  design and get ready for your session. Scheduling appointments.

Meet your artist

Danilo Delfino

I’m super curios about different subjects. This makes me ask a lot of questions.
I love hanging out with friends, family, and I'm crazy about running. I believe design is everything. Proof? You can design your life.

I've studied fine arts in Brazil, got my first tattoo when I was 16, and I've always worked to inspiring others on doing something creative. I'm that guy saying: - It's not just talent, anyone can be good on drawing, you just need to practice.


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This is not a deposit, this is the full price of your session. Now also available Gif Vouchers.


Captivated by a simple idea, to unite, and help others.

Connections is passionate art project to celebrate and unite through a truly memorable experience. This is a worldwide collaboration to convert each frame of an animation project into unique tattoos.